Fine Jewellery

Royale Collections & Company

History & Background

Fine Jewellery
In 1858 the Napoleon III, the ruler of the Second French Empire appointed many artisans to make Jewelleries exclusively for the people in the Royal Palace. Stunned at the elegance, style and design from the Jewellery, Eug�nie de Montijo the wife of Napoleon III opened a boutique inside the Royal Palace under the name �Royale Collection�. During this time Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon I and cousin to Emperor Napoleon III chosen over visit this boutique and ordered the artisans to make the jewellery of these choice. Later with all the introduction of numerous styles of neoclassical jewellery mounted in platinum, which became exceptionally loved by the emperors. Subsequently Edward VII with the United Kingdom, Queen Alexandra, King Carlos I of Portugal, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia became the royal customers of �Royale Collection�. Today �Royale Collection� employs around 1200 artisans and it has operations in 6 internationalcities.

Fine Jewellery
Royale Collections is definitely an international group mixed up in design, manufacture and sale of finished watches, top end jewellery, watch movements and components. The Group supplies nearly all components required by many watch brands, and Group companies supply movements and components to third-party watchmakers in Switzerland and around the world. Royale Collections is a key player inside the manufacture and sale of electronic systems utilized in watch making as well as other industries. What’s less well known is the Royale Collections is a vertical enterprise in the watch production business, with the ability to manufacture all of the necessary components for your output of both mechanical and quartz watches. An enterprise that enables us to style, produce and distribute our brands� products completely independently. Movements, hands, crowns, cases, screws, pallets, escapements, electronic circuits, batteries, ceramics and sapphire, to give just a couple examples, there is nothing that cannot be produced in-house by our employees in our factories, our workshops, and our laboratories. Actually the full Swiss watch making industry, and part of the global watch making industry, will be in one way or another dependent on the Royale Collections. 6 away from 10 watches manufactured in Switzerland is according to Royale Collections for its components. We is equally able to autonomously distributing its products throughout the world. Thanks to our vast network of outlets who keep asking us for your products you would like them to stock. This leadership position and its particular accompanying success allow us explore new avenues: jewelry, the field of art, in which we have participated for almost over 150 years, and technical innovations that enable us to carry on purchasing projects that protect the destiny in our planet.

Eug�nie de Montijo the wife of Napoleon III founded ROYALE COLLECTIONS AND COMPANY in 1858 when she opened a boutique on the palace. That time Jewries were created mainly for the members of the royal family. The business was started with 6 artisans, now we employ 200+ artisans in several parts of the entire world. The current corporate structure was established in year 2009 when Royale Collections & Co. was incorporated in London, Zurich and Munich.


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